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Wellness & Nutrition Wellness and Nutrition Pamphlets
Life skills pamphlets that address health and nutrition- one issue at a time.

Wellness & Nutrition Pamphlets

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12 new pamphlets focused on helping individuals succeed with basic health care and nutrition information.

The Wellness and Nutrition Pamphlets are designed with the goal of shifting clients towards self‐management of their health and wellness. It supports the idea that all individuals should have accountability and responsibility towards maintaining their own good health. The pamphlets also provide additional information and strategies for getting the most out of the health care system.

The Wellness & Nutrition Pamphlet Series is designed to help clients:

  • Identify key concepts to successfully track and manage their own health care
  • Determine strategies to improve their communication skills with health care professionals
  • Be better consumers of medical care, both physical and mental services
  • Feel empowered to be active participants in their own health care
  • Develop a medical notebook to track their own personalized heath information.

Wellness and Nutrition Series Pamphlets:


W1- Keeping a Medical Notebook

  • Medical Notebook Basics

  • Key Sections to Track

  • Benefits of a Medical Notebook

  • What Doctors Are Looking For

  • Your Medical Rights

W2- The Doctor Visit

  • Being prepared for a doctor visit

  • Using Good Manners in the Doctor’s Office

  • Give the details when you are sick

  • 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of a Doctor’s Visit

W3- Managing My Medication

  • Understanding Prescriptions

  • Following Directions for Use

  • Drug Interactions

  • Over-the-Counter Drugs

  • Homeopathic Medicines

  • Abuse of Prescription Medications

W4- Family Health

  • Keeping Track of Medical History – Children

  • Basics of Home Safety

  • First-Aid Kit Contents

  • How to Tell When Someone Is Sick

  • Over the Counter Drugs and Children

W5- Special Health Concerns

  • Top Health Concerns

  • Heart Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Hepatitis C

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Smoking Risks


  • Back Pain

  • Obesity

W6- You Are What You Eat-Nutrition

  • Nutrition –The Basics

  • Heart of The Matter (Heart Disease & Food)

  • Weighty Issues (Weight Management and Nutrition)

  • How Sweet You Are (Diabetes)

  • Up In Smoke (Smoking and Nutrition)

  • Making Your Blood Boil (High Blood Pressure)

W7- Food Safety

  • Hand Washing

  • Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

  • “Germ Warfare”

  • Allergies

  • Reading Labels!

W8- Mental Health

  • Mental Health Basics

  • Common Types of Counseling

  • Special Types of Counseling

  • Depression

  • Substance Abuse

  • Anxiety

  • Thoughts of Suicide

  • Understanding Medication and Possible Side Effects

W9- Post-Traumatic Stress (PSTD)

  • PSTD Basics

  • Events that can cause PTSD

  • Symptoms of PTSD

  • Risk Factors

  • Triggers

  • Coping Skills

W10- Alcohol Abuse

  • Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

  • Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

  • Effects of Alcohol

  • Feeling Better

  • Can Alcoholism be Cured?

  • Getting Support

  • Support for Family and Friends

W11- Drug Addiction… Recovery

  • Signs of Possible Drug Abuse

  • Drug Addiction is a Serious Medical Condition

  • The Impact – Marijuana

  • Consequences

  • Effects of Drug Abuse

  • Common Types of Drug Tests

W12- Special Needs Learners

  • Learning Disabilities Basics

  • Unidentified Special Needs Learners

  • Ways to Handle a Learning Disability

  • Accommodations

  • Common types of Learning Disabilities

  • Coping Strategies

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Every pamphlet comes with
an easy-to-use outcome assessment sheet.

assessment documents


Can be signed by client and caseworker to show understanding and completion of materials

Takes 5-10 minutes to complete

Provides data tracking for client success and future grant writing

Can be completed in small groups when necessary



Instructor manualsInstructor's Manuals available for each pamphlet set!

Each manual includes:

  • PowerPoint slides for each pamphlet
  • Detailed curriculum and teaching guidelines
  • Additional content to extend training time




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